REORG- Home Management Hub is the World's largest community of homemakers, busy working women, moms on a career break and moms ready to start their career from scratch.

At REORG, Pankhuri helps busy moms and homemakers simplify their day-to-day life through decluttering their mind and home to support the freedom lifestyle they dream about and crave for, without giving up on their career, ambitions & family joy. With Reorg's step-by-step home ecosystem creation process, women get back their work-life balance, integration and harmony, see visible transformation in their environment, and get the freedom & liberty to make their dreams come true.

If you want to increase your productivity, manage your time really well, meal plan in advance, tame the clothes and overflowing wardrobes, stay updated and design your own unique home management system, and run your home in GOD MODE without your grinding presence all the time, REORG is for you!

Through proper step by step planning, decluttering and re-organizing, you can get rid of the stuff that's making you sick.

Stop procrastinating, & putting yourself in a questionable position full of guilt, shame, blame and no self-respect. Tap into your power now!


REORG- Home Management Course- Reorganize With Pankhuri Dream Home Model Decluttering And Organizing

Hi, I’m Pankhuri

I'm the founder of 'Reorg- Home Management Hub' and ''
I am on a mission to help women detach from their materialistic possessions and live a clutter-free and well organized lifestyle through planning, decluttering and reorganizing- Ultimately creating their unique Home Management System that encompasses the whole family to experience freedom, fulfilment and peace.

Having physical as well as mental space for what actually matters is everyone's birth right!